Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka

As you head to Hikka this weekend, you'd realize that Mads is not there - he's actually enjoying Kitesurfing in Europe! Anyway this is his story when asked when kitesurfing began in Sri Lanka;

“I can tell u exactly when kitesurfing first started in Sri Lanka. The first person kitesurfing here was a German guy called Ben. I was tattooing in ‘Ranjiths Beach Hut’ in December 1999. While I was tattooing I noticed out of my eyes some color on the water - when I looked out the window I saw a guy with a kite starting from Mambos and strait out thorugh the main point. (I already had a piece of paper with a picture of a kitesurfer I ripped out of a magazine in Italy, cause when I saw that I knew that was my call).

I was stoked; I jumped up and told my customer we had a 20minutes break. I ran to the beach and waited for him to return. That was Ben. He had a Naish Ar 3.5 and the first big Naishkiteboards. He gave me a magazine in the evening and told me all about it. I never forget the first picture I saw of Robby Naish jumping - I was so happy. In January I went to Denmark met Jan Blæsild and Peter Boldsen. Got my first kite and launched it first time in February 2000.

In November 2000 I got my first Naish kite AR 3.5. I’m pretty sure that that is the start of Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka. Dilsiri and I know the third person to kite in Sri Lanka was Holger Brummer from Negombo. We met on the Hikkaduwa beach in 2001. Then Dirk Hanel came and all the others. Kitesurfing has now started to grow in Sri Lanka, and that’s what we want. We want more information out there about kitesurfing, safety and so on. And just to make it bigger and bigger and bigger in our Home Country Sri Lanka. All the best” - Mads Jansen Raunsbaek

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Shots we've snapped over the past few months. They are'nt kitesurfing yet but who knows perhaps in time to come...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

So who kites in Lanka?

Not many I think - I would say local Sri Lanka Kitesurfers would amount to less than 10. Lets see there is Julian, Chanaka aka Chunky, Mads friend in Hikka, Thushal and his Bro from Bentota (?), Previne who is learning and ...

In terms of expats, there is Hannes and Mischi from Negombo, Mads from Hikkaduwa, Holger from Negombo, the Ulmers, the Bobays, Fred, Mark, Mike, Nick from Negombo anyone else? The facebook group we created has a few more names but I am not sure if they in Sri Lanka anymore.

Anyway, we strongly feel that this sport will grow in Sri Lanka in the not so distant future. As long as there is wind and water - kitesurfing will happen.

However, we need to make sure that there is a proper system in place for safety and the running of the sport. We dont want it to be like Rafting where there is little or no regulation and safety is compromised for a cheaper rafting trip. Safety needs to be maintained at the utmost level especially with regard to this sport. Perhaps a mandatory Kite Instructor Certification for all those who want to be instructors - also requirements to have level 1 certification to even rent out equipment.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Buba Mount Lavinia VS XXX

Tough choice this week, do we go kitesurfing in XXX where the wind is pretty much hardcore at 27 knots and touching 30 knots OR do we stay behind, talk to the press and do a bit of surfing in Mount.

Choice made, stayed at Mount while half went up north. Was it worthwhile? We think so, both ways. Kitesurfing is such an awesome sport. Its hard to express in words. The power of nature, the wind, waves coupled with the human body can do wonders.

Hmm, cant wait for next week...Hikka Beach Fest? Nah, we'd be in XXX where the wind is! Hang loose!

Ps. Learnt the importance of a a huge bump on the head having been wacked by the kiteboard! The pic, is Mischi doing an ariel in XXX!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Kitesurfing off Mount Lavinia - Sri Lanka

Mischi and Dil showing off! The guys filming were blown away.

Kitesurfing in Arugam Bay!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Extreme Kitesurfing - Sunday Mount Lavinia

Big waves
Gusty wind
Choppy seas
Make sure you go to Church in the Morning
Kitesurfing @ Mount Lavinia
Sunday Lunch Time, Sri Lanka Time

Sunday, July 20, 2008

So you want to learn the sport?

It looks nice but its not for everyone. Its a lot of work and unless you are willing dont bother. Suggest you do the level 1 course and decide.. Once you get the feel and decide that you want to do it...then perhaps look at purchasing your own gear. Kitesurfing gear is best not to be be shared - at least kites for obvious reasons. I've seen kites shredded and ripped by beginners...

Anyway, Your Board (second hand) USD 400+; Your New Kite (C Kite/ Bow Kite) - Start off with a 13 Square Meter - good size for most Sri Lankan wind and later on buy a 7 or 9 Square Meter USD 400 - USD 700+ and Harness USD 90+. Thats about it. Loads of patience, bruises and persistance...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sri Lanka...Its untapped!

Untapped for the sport of Kitesurfing. The seas, the lakes, the lagoons...wide wide spaces of undisturbed spaces for enthusiasts. The best places identified so far XXXXX......

Its best to leave it as it is. Let it continue to be enjoyed by the small community that lives in the Island. No use popularizing it too much and loose the luxury of entire entire bodies of water to oneself! Or should it be...
Hang Loose!