Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Limited Edition Kitesurfing Sri Lanka T Shirt! (a t shirt with a difference)

Be part of Kitesurfing history in Sunny Sri Lanka. Obtain your very own limited edition Kitesurfing Sri Lanka T Shirt for Rs. 1,000! The design is very simple but the t shirts will make a difference!

A percentage of the money from the t shirts will be used to buy Art Books and Chalk for the Kids in Kalpitiya. Kid love to be kids and you have the power to make a differnce. Simply book your t shirt now!

The first edition t shirts will be in Navy Blue with a Yellow Print in the front and back of the t shirt. The logo consist of a kitesurfer in the front with Kitesurfing Sri Lanka printed. On the back the shape of Paradise Island shown by the very things that make it paradise! Tropical Climate, Nature, Wild Life and a Rich History!

Rs. 1,000 and a percentage will go for the Kids Art Project.
Buy a Limited Edition T Shirt and make a change!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Kitesurfing Arripu - Home of the Doric

Ok, dont mistake it for Parripu (Dhal). Arripu is found north of Puttalam. Its known for the Doric - the mansion of the first British Governor of Ceylon. There is also a very old Dutch Fort 1 KM north of the Doric. Sadly this historical monument is falling prey to neglect. Hopefully this kiting trip would give impetus to lobby for a restoration/ protection of this part of history. For more information click HERE.
About the Doric

First kiter?

Falling to the ocean.

Amazing view

Dutch Fort

Land Boarding Adventures - Mannar!

Wide wide areas!

Note: The Helmet. We learn!

The 2011 Faith Ram Air Kite in Action

These kites are great for fun on the beach and teaching. Try it!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Best Mountain Biking (Devil's Staircase)

When no wind, try some cycling up in the hills!

Magical Mountain - Adams Peak Sri Lanka

The article appeared on Travel Lanka. When you dont kite you should EXPLORE!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Biking along the Kalu Ganga!

We didnt expect to have so much fun (and drama). The scenery was breathtaking, no cars - just cycling along the banks of the Kalu Ganga in Kaluthara, Sri Lanka.

Had a bit of drama when the chain broke. We had to improvise tools to make it (temporarily) but all in all loads of fun. When there's no wind, waves and the water is to murky for diving; why not just go cycling!

The duo with fishermen with USA hat

Broken chain repair. Always repair with a smile.