Saturday, March 24, 2018

Post from Nadine - Swiss Snow Kiter on Kalpitiya

Moments more precious than money

Before I set off to this journey, I just felt like I was working … but this trip has changed me a lot.
After 14 hours of flight, I walked out of the plane onto the airstrip in Sri Lanka, with the following conclusion of Dalai Lama in my head:
“Nothing is more relaxing than accepting what is coming.”
Traveling always changes the state of mind, nothing though has such a vast impact as the first impression, which is putting so many things into perspective. All the colours, all the different smells, smiling faces everywhere. All my senses work on high speed to fully process the experience.
Sri Lanka – Food Market
I wake up in the morning and feel the sand under my bare feet. Silently I stroll along the beach and watch the bright colours of the sunrise. Time is standing still in this present moment. Here and now. I stay alert to capture the unique moment. Because mindfulness means staying awake.
Inspiring Beach Walks
In a quiet place I spread out my yoga mat and take in the moment. The sun is shinning warm rays onto my face. After my final meditation, the gentle lapping of fishes in the lagoon brings me back to the present now.
Mindfulness through yoga and meditation

The Now

In the afternoon I feel the wind blowing through my hair. The smell of the salt breeze is sneaking into my nose. I pack my kite-gear and go to the beach totally relaxed. I pump up my kite, put on the boots and start to rock away on the water in my very own way.
Strapping in for the ride
At first I am alone with the locals on the water and we have so much fun. When our eyes meet, we start to laugh and this laugh is so pure, full of love and bliss.
Jumping through the lagoon of Kalpitiya
My water element has me back. It connects us. We exchange the kites and share our lives for a few days. This feeling of being one with everything in the water is everything at the same time: desire, love and passion. Longing to arrive. To arrive in yourself. The power of the sun shines upon the face, the song of the wind, the endless blue of the sea and the scent of the sea bristle in the nose.
What is left of my ego, my troubles and the stress which I felt I had? Nothing! The world continues to revolve tirelessly and I care for my own happiness.

Ray of Hope

And then comes this one day, this one moment that changes my life and mindset. Especially that ray of hope, which manages to open my heart.
I am sitting on the beach, with my board on my feet for a moment to look at myself. Here he comes, that stranger who sits next to me, smiles and asks:
“Can I help you? All ok?” He’s a pretty good kitesurfer and I’m overwhelmed and answer with a stunned “No, thanks”. Because in my mind I was already somewhere else as I was thinking “You should be out of the water long time ago and pack your stuff.” As my last hours had dawned in this paradise.
Kalpityia Lagoon
A few minutes later, I was out of the water. Unfortunately only at that moment later, when I was at the airport and the bustle around me calmed down the realisation caught up with me.
Well, but what was so special now? It was this respect, this togetherness, giving without giving, and sharing this!! That was the greatest gift for me on this adventurous, bright and eventful journey.
The reason is that in Europe the competitive thinking of “I want to be better”, “I jump higher”, “My jump has more style” dominates the minds. Jealousy, envy, greed and hate reign in the minds of the people instead of support for each other, to help, to contribute and to share.
Therefore it is very special for me to have met these people in these few seconds and I am grateful for this moment!
A special thanks to the awesome locals working at Kitesurfing Lanka. You are all wonderful and many can learn from you. Also a huge thank you to this person who has taught me in that very moment, in which I have learned more than in many years.