Monday, April 19, 2010

Jaffna Conquered (with a kite) !!!

The long wait finally came to an end. Jaffna has been conquered by the crew of Kitesurf Sri Lanka (Mischi, Holger, Dilsiri and French Kitesurfer Leo). The place is amazing - flat water lagoons, seas protected by reef, amazing scenary and great people. Jaffna is the place to be in 2010/11.
The town and surrounding islands still have visible scars of the war. Landmines and sea-mines are still scattered and its bound to take a long time for all this to be cleared. Nevertheless, at least the process of developing the place has started. We are quite sure that the place could  easily become a Mecca for the sport of kitesurfing let alone tourism that could rival the East.
The reefs off Point Pedro seemed to rival that of the Bar Reef on the West Coast. Our only wish is that all this would be protected and not spoilt - like what we see downsouth in places like Hikkaduwa. Don't forget to visit Nallur Temple while you are there!

(In the pictures - A local watching this amazing sport from the coast, Dilsiri, Mischi and French Kitesurfer and Friend Leo and Aurore with a stunning sunrise in the background)