Monday, January 31, 2011

Conquered - Devil's Staircase on a Bike!

We came across a post about a jeep trail that led to 'Devil's Staircase' a few months ago. Being fans of more environmentally friendly modes of transport we made our minds to conquer this on our bicycles. Thus the adventure began. Our equipment for the day included;

A 8 year old Giant Rock 4000 with worn out tires (note no suspension), A 6 year old Specialized Hardrock Mountain Bike with Front Shocks, 2 Helmets, Two camel packs with about 3 liters of water, Some 'Pani Kaju', Biscuits and Wallet.

Trip began after the previous day's climb up Kirigalpotha (thanks Heminda, the climb was epic, you didnt however warn about the leopards!). 6 AM breakfast at the best place in Ohiya, cycle up (in the cold) along the Hortain Plains road...What amazing scenary...Directions were quite easy thanks to the website that gave the information about this route. A few hours climbing and decending and your arms hurt (especially if you have no shocks on your bike). The last bit of the journey is all downhill on rough terrain. Epic and not for the faint hearted. Whole trip to Kalupahana would be about 4 hours and approximately 30 KMs. Highly recommended.