Tuesday, September 16, 2014

On Bedycasa - Kitesurfing Lanka

My name is Dilsiri Welikala and I have been blessed with the reality of being able to live my dream – a chilled out hotel by the India Ocean with a lot of activities.
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I was working in the Corporate Sector for 7 years but always knew that my passion lay in the ocean and activities concerning it.

The sport of Kitesurfing is very popular in Sri Lanka now. I was one of the first Sri Lankan’s  to embrace the sport and discovered a number of spots. Soon kitesurfing became a passion of mine leading to the eventuality of me leaving my secure job to start Kitesurfing Lankawith my fellow Kiter Friend and business partner Leo Moret.

I am passionate about people, sport and the environment. Kalpitiya is a hotspot of nature with the largest Coral Reef in Sri Lanka, Largest Lagoon and one of the Largest Nationals Parks in Sri Lanka all situated close to each other.

_MG_7862Kitesurfing Lanka’s ethos is that while we run a successful business, its our duty to ensure that as much as we develop that the lives of those working with us as well as the local communities develop. We have have a great relationship with the local village and you see people full of smiles.

We have an amazing staff with different personalities and traits. Rajitha is an Artist, Tilak a former Adventurer and Kayaker, some are crazy about Kitesurfing, while others music. You will really get a glimpse of Sri Lanka and its awesome Culture.

For an added experience, we also visit the local schools a lot, teaching English and assisting it the development of kids through sport. We always encourage our guests to bring old toys, books and games for the these schools which really don’t have much.

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Apart from Kitesurfing, we also have activities like Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP), Kayaking, Diving and Snorkeling and Whales, Dolphins. We can organize excursions to the National Parks and Ancient Cities.

Its pretty laid back here and you will love the open spaces in this former coconut estate by the lagoon and ocean. An evening stroll on the beach will leave you in awe when you see the amazing sunsets and dialogues with the local fishermen would really give you a view of rural Sri Lanka.

I welcome you to Kitesurfing Lanka. I know you will be not only blessed with an awesome experience but come to know some awesome friends.