Monday, September 30, 2013

Discovering new spots - Kitesurf Mullathivu!

Its been about 2 years since I got this excited about Kiting in new places in Sri Lanka! We were the first to kite in Jaffna, Adam's Bridge in Mannar, Arippu and now the North East of Sri Lanka in Mullathivu! I dont know what to expect, not sure if the army would allow me to kite. I wonder if there are sea and land mines still. Pretty excited. Will keep you updated. Sri Lanka rocks!

KSL Kalpitiya Newsletter 2013

Dear Friends of Kitesurfing Lanka!

We are stoked that some of you were able to share in the Sri Lanka Kitesurfing experience. We had a pretty awesome season! ‘Big Camp’ was opened this year and our team expanded.

We have had many fond memories of the season starting from the time our first guest Natalia from Russia, to the crazy French Zo Zo playing and keeping the crowds entertained at nights. Brice and Mellanie had an epic 4 month stay in Kalpitiya and Janey joined KSL to commence an exciting project to teach English to the rural fishermen and give a facelift to the local pre-school in the village of Kandakuliya in Kalpitiya.

2014 will see a number of improvements;

For Kitesurfing
ü  New kite storage for guest and area to clean kites
ü  No more bumpy lorry rides to lagoon, we’ll have more comfortable jeeps
ü  Rentals of gear and kites on the beach – saves you the trouble just in case you have selected wrong gear
ü  Beach boys and a compressor – no more looking for pumps
ü  Safety boat and rescue free of charge for KSL guests
ü  New kite spots

For Residents at Kitesurfing Lanka
ü  Fast broadband internet for free
ü  Upgrades to all Premium Bungalows and new lagoon-side Bungalows
ü  Greener KSL garden
ü  Chill-out area with tea/ coffee, cakes, library and sheisha corner
ü  Other activities for non kiters like Kayak, Cycles and trips
ü  Snack menus and perhaps an Ala Carte menu

We will never be closed, from October to April we will still operate the kiteschool (December to March we have a secondary season). For no wind days we have Dolphin, Whales Watching, Snorkelling & Diving, Kayaking Expeditions. Please see our ‘Dolphin Season’ website –

If you have any feedback for improvements for the coming season, please feel free to send us a mail. We would really appreciate it.

Dil, Leo and the Team from Kitesurfing Lanka

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dolphins in Kalpitiya

Its amazing in Kalpitiya. You will see dolphins, whales and also you can snorkel and dive. Take a kayak out and paddle in the lagoon and sea. Kalpitiya will blow your mind. Its so beautiful.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Natalie sees kiting for the first time!

Natalie is a photographer from Sri Lanka. She visited KSL with Christina for the very first time. These are her shots on a day that the wind was pretty low. Nats, you need to come up again soon. Her website is

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Kalpitiya has got a lot to offer. Dolphin Watching, Whale Watching, The Bar Reef, Kayaking Trips, Diving, Kitesurfing and list goes on. 

For accommodation its got a number of options from rustic beach getaways like KSL ( to high end hotels. KSL offers backpacker style accommodation to premium  room bungalows. 

Kalpitiya is rich in history. Its 3 hours from the airport. Wilpathu National Park is close by. You can also venture to the ancient city of Anuradhapura from here. 

Kiteschool Sri Lanka Project

Kitesurfing Lanka Preschool Project in Kalpitiya. Some images taken in the fishing village in rural Kalpitiya. Kitesurfing has changed Sri Lanka for the better. Exciting times. The project continues. You may see more information on the Kitesurfing Lanka website (