Sunday, May 26, 2019

Spreading Visions, Not Plastic! From Kitesurfing to Saving the Planet through this sport!

Its been ages. Lots of things going on. The most exciting part is that with Kitesurfing Businesses stable, it enables us to now focus on things that really matter! Planet and People. We are in a unique partnership with a fellow kiter Gianna and her team at Merijaan. Check our the first blog post from their website

Finally, after two years, I (Gianna) am back in Sri Lanka – the country I feel so connected to. My passion for kitesurfing and motivation to make a difference brought me back to palm tree paradise.
Kitesurfing Lanka Entrance
My team and I will start our first upcycling project here. So we partnered up with people who share our vision and mission and were willing to support our initiative. I would shortly like to introduce our team which comprises Isabella, Fabian, Lisa, Johanna and me. We found each other through our will to fight against plastic pollution. Initially, we knew each other through our studies, work or friends. Today we are connected by our vision to upcycle plastic waste into useful products and thereby help to overcome poverty in developing countries. I would shortly introduce the team;
Isabella (Head of Product Design): 
With her experience in product design, Isa gives our products the final touch. She is our creative link between technical implementation and design.
Fabian (Head of Product Development): 
With his experience in engineering, Fabian is responsible for the development of our products and technical implementation.
Johanna (Head of Marketing): 
Our social media, PR and online marketing guru is among our creative minds, bringing colour, variety, new approaches and innovative ideas to the team.
Lisa (Head of Business Development and Partnerships): 
Provides answers to the questions of contact and customer management, as well as strategy development and operational procedures.
Me – Gianna (CEO): 
I represent and coordinate our team, combine technical and economic requirements and I am responsible for our financial survival. For more information please see our team page.
Also, there is our official business partner Dilsiri Welikala: Dil is much more than just our business partner though, he is our biggest fan, friend and enabler. He is co-owner of two kitesurf camps – Kitesurfing Lanka and Vayu Kitecamp and closely involved in the success of our first project.
Dilsiri Welikala
Four years ago, Dil and I crossed paths when I first visited Sri Lanka and stayed at his and his partners´ (Leo) camp, Kitesurfing Lanka. His passion for kitesurfing, the environment and people motivates him to make a change and develop opportunities to do so. When he figured out we were setting up plastic recycling projects, we reconnected and he offered us the opportunity to set up our first project in Sri Lanka. Together with a great team of people, I am fully confident that this project is going to be a great success. We are all eager to give back and promote plastic recycling and education – we are spreading our vision of #turningplasticintovisions