Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Nadine takes on Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka!

Posers! Nadine, Vlad and Dil with their
Kitesurfing Sri Lanka T Shirts

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Student Testimonies - Dennis & Lisa

Dennis (Germany) and Lisa (Australia) were part of a bigger group that came to learn the sport. Tremendous progress was made by both students.

"It was the first time i tried this fascinating sport and it won't be the last. Sure, the first few steps are the hardest and sometimes you need a lot of patience but when the wind finally catches the kite and you  "fly" over the water, you understand that people get addicted to kite surfing;" Dennis

"Great weekend. Amazed how we learned to control these huge kites in just 2 days. Great outdoor experience and lots of fun in the water. Thank you Dilsiri, for you patient and professional guidance;" Lisa

Beach training with Trainer Kite

Punping a the New Spirit Kite

Support buddies

Concentration, perseverence...

Student Testimonies - Petr & Lena

We were quite sure that we will like kiteboarding because of its similarities to other board sports such as snowboarding and skiing, its outdoor characteristics, proximity of sun and smell of the ocean. Even though we can hardly stand up after a 3-days course, we decided to buy the kite right after the course. We feel even bigger impression and more enthusiasm right now and cannot wait for the next opportunity to fly the kite again!!!
We are both very happy, that it was exactly Dilsiri who was our first kite-instructor and we both hope to improve our kiteboarding skills to become real kiteboarders soon, so that Dilsiri can be proud of us! Dilsiri, many thanks for the wonderful experience, it was you thanks to whom we fell in love with kiteboarding and Sri Lanka!

Petr & Lena

Faith's new Ram Air Kite

Trainer kites are the best way to start

Kite aerodynamics

A watchful eye and support

Fixing the straps!

Petr has his first ride!