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Kite Sri Lanka 2013

Happy New Year from Sri Lanka

Monday, December 24, 2012

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Amazing Season at Kitesurfing Lanka - Newsletter 2012

The South West Monsoon switches and the Official Kite Season comes to an end in the Newest Kite Spot in the World – Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka.

Looking back to the humble beginnings, the team from KSL would like to thank all our supporters, guests and friends who believed in our passion, experienced and supported us.

Some of our fondest highlights for 2012 were;

  • Kicking of KSL Camp with a bang on the 1st of May!
  • Successfully running Sri Lanka’s biggest Kite Race to-date
  • Monthly full moon parties with midnight kitesurfing!
  • Hosting guest from all over the world who were just awesome!  
2013 will see number of improvements including a second kite camp.

On the community side, we did our little part to make a change in the lives of the kids. If you are coming to Kalpitiya do think about bringing some Educational Toys for the Kids aged 3 – 6 years. It will go a long way.

We are sure that there are a number of things that need improvements. Your feedback will help us evolve into something even better. Let us know what you think about the following aspects;

  • Transport
  • KSL Premises/ Camp
  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Kite Trips
  • Kite School
  • Staff
  • Any Other
Watch the movies made at the KSL home spot  - Watch the clips

From Leo, Dilsiri and the rest of the KSL Team this was an amazing experience and fully worth the time and effort that was put in. Don’t forget the 2013 kite season starts May 1st. From December to March our kite school will be open so spread the word.

Kite HARD!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Kitesurfing Represented at the Sailing Nationals 2012

Kitesurfing was represented for the first time at the Sri Lanka Sailing Nationals as an exhibition event during the closing ceremony. Though the event was planned a month in advance, it was postponed due to bad weather. The call to postpone benefited the Kitersurfers as we had some amazing wind last evening in Panadura. It was the first time Kiting was done on the seas of Panadura! Thanks go out to the Yachting Association of Sri Lanka and to the kiters from Kalpitiya - Ajmal and Mawfeel; Bentota - Upul and 'Baba' and support by Clywd, Susantha from the KSL team and long time kiter and watersports enthusiast Julian Bolling. Hopefully we would see a annual kiting event taking place at the next national event.   Pictures can be seen here!

Dilsiri, Julian, Susantha, Ajmal and Cywd from KSL

Mischi Walter - Sri Lanka's Epic Kite Instructor

You know that kiting is his passion. Mischi loves the sport and passionately teaches the sport to his students. Mischi thought me kitesurfing. I remember the day he told me that I might have to chose. That life will never be the same when you learn the sport. I took the challenge and I learnt the sport from him. Perhaps it was his teaching style. Perhaps it was the sport, but perhaps both combined made me hook onto a sport that cannot be compared.

Mischi is Sri Lanka's best kiting instructors. He is a colorful character who has roam ed the world. His adventurous spirit took him to the North of Sri Lanka where he discover Jaffna. Together with his signature VW van which he lets his students sign on, his loving dogs who knows a kiter from a non kiter (!!!) and amazing stories now join with us at Kitesurfing Lanka. For me its an amazing feeling to know that he would like to work with us. Pretty darn stoked at the moment!

Kite Spots in Sri Lanka. Tot ziens in Sri Lanka in 2013. De beste plaats voor kitesurfen. Van mei tot september het waait echt hard!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Best Kiteboarding Filmed at Kitesurfing Lanka!

December 2012. Kiting in Colombo

Most think you need to travel far out to Kite. But we have some nice kiting in Colombo and Mount Lavinia when there is wind. Gear can be hard to get but contact us, should be able to help you. Man, the best views of sunsets are when kiting. Soo amazing. 
You will have many people to help you launch on the beach in Mount Lavinia. In fact there are kiters there. People would watch, cheer and marvel at you even if an absolute beginner  So next time you are in Colombo, think about doing a session!
Skyline (well sort of) of Colombo 

Blurry Sunset