Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Monday, July 25, 2011

Beautiful KK - Kalpitiya Kids

If ever you decide to come to Sri Lanka, bring some educational gifts for the kids. Reading, Drawing, Pens, Pencils, English Books, Science Books...lets get them interested in Education and prepare them for a brave new world of oppotunities.

Ajmal's bro on the extreme right - wonder if he'll kite too

Extreme right is a naughty boy but sweet!

Mr. Welikala tries his hand at an Extreme Sport

65 year old Gihan Welikala is now attempting the exhilarating sport of Kitesurfing. He is probably the oldest Sri Lankan attempting this. Day 1 was 'interesting'. Lets see what the future has in store. Remember, let go the bar...

You cant tame the beast, just manage it better

Father and Son duo

Our Shelter from the Sun! Kitesurfing Hut!

It aint luxury but it sure does serve the purpose!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tiphaine and Aline- Kitesurfing in Paradise

A lull in the season however the French Girls Tiphaine and Aline seem to be stoked! The kitesurfing Sri Lanka T shirts seem to be a hit as well. A few more remain and then its time for the Green T Shirts.

What Aline had to say about the experience;

"For my 26th birthday, my friends offered me a kitesurfing lesson ... What a great gift! It was so good to discover that sport, you can enjoy from the firsts steps of learning, with a such great teacher,  pedagogue and patient ! I really look forward to come back again in that beautiful part of Sri Lanka, lost between a lagoon and the ocean to make my second lesson!"

No wind, pose!

Ajmal and Aline a bit slow to jump!

Concentrate and now Levitate!

Ps. Thanks Dennis for the photos!