Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kathrin Borgwardt - Pro Rider Kiting in Lanka!

Welcome Kathrin to Sri Lanka! Pretty stoked to have you riding with us over the weekend. We are sure you will have a blast travelling in 'tea' country. Dont forget to continue to smile as you travel in the train, tuk tuk, killer busses... Do send us some photos of your epic adventures in Sri Lanka!
For those who are not aware, Kathrin's profile is below;

Sri Lankan Legend - Julian Bolling also Kitesurfs!

For those who are not aware, Julian Bolling is a legend. Its not the swimming fame he brought Sri Lanka but the humanity he showed to all people. He is a kitesurfer and surfer but more than that he is an inspiration to all of us. He's a man of principles, he's a man who believe in The Maker. He is a man who dedicated his life to make a change in many hundreds of persons lives. Continue to inspire Jubo.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sri Lanka - Unblemished Kiting Destination (Lets keep it that way)

We all know and will hear more about the kiting scene in Sri Lanka. With major events like the KTA (Kiteboard Tour Asia) coming, its important for us to work together to ensure that this paradise is not lost.
The innocence of the people in the places we kite are amazing. They will not steal, they will not rip you off, they will be your friend and a genuine one at that, they will launch your kites and not expect anything in return.
We dont want this Paradise to become like a Bali or Phuket. We want it to remain as it is. More than that I dont want the innocent kids in the area to be led astray. Things you should keep in mind;
1. Kids will follow your example - if you swear and use foul language in front of them they will pick it up
2. If you smoke pot or do drugs in front of them they will be tempted to try it one day
3. If you are a drunk, please try not to do so in front of the kids. They might think its the cool thing to do
Instead, set the example. Let's all work together to ensure that the course of this nation and kitesurfing is managed well and developed in a proper manner. Let's also set the example.
Next time you come to Sri Lanka;
1. Do provide some reading books in English for the kids
2. Stationary items also do come in handy
3. Spend time with them and encourage them to continue with their studies
Ps. Thanks Mike for the inspiration and setting the example.

Remember the first ever Kite Cam Clip of Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Kitesurfing Featured on 'Future: The Pride of Sri Lanka'

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(Thanks Mr. Philip & Srilal, Nadun A and Previne W)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Full Moon Night Kitesurfing & Party!

Thanks Mischi for organizing the Full Moon Night Kiting Session & Party complete with Music, Bon Fire and Florescent glow sticks for the kites!  Hopefully we might be able to squeeze one more session before the season comes to an end. Kiting is loads of fun in the night - clean wind, virtually no kiters on the lagoon (oh, I mean you cannot see them)...Yihaaa
Beautiful Setting - Great Times

Celine, Aline, Carla, Dil and Tiphaine soak up the SAND!

Moritz DA FU!

Michael Roasting Sausages

Legend Mischi Walter along with Dil and Celine

Looks like a cowboy

Friday, September 9, 2011

Mundo Magic & Roshan take to Kitesurfing!

Finally Louisa Mundo takes on to the sport! She watched and watched for quite some time and finally took the plunge! She's hooked and she's kiting! Roshan De Silva from Drunken Monkey & International (Hikkaduwa) fame is yet another pioneering local kitesurfing. Keep it up Roshan and dont forget to perservere and practice. Try some snowkiting as well! Cant wait to do a epic downwind session with you guys...
30 knot winds, 5 M baby!

Dilsiri, Roshan and Louisa

Nuttela pose?

First ride...

Thursday, September 8, 2011

World Longboard Tour in Sri Lanka for 1st Time

World Longboard Tour in Sri Lanka for 1st Time, Sri Lanka is ripping. On the map and about to explode. Hope it wont be Bali or a Phuket. We need to preserve it.
Reaching to the heaves -Andre Derizans(Brz),
Dilsiri Welikala, Amaro Matos (Brz)

World Champion Duane Dusoto from Hawai

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kitesurfing Okanda - 30 KMS from Arugam Bay

This place is heaven for me. You kite is raw nature. Its jungle all around. The rock formations make way for some great barrels for surfers and kitesurfer. The winds picked to plus 25 knots and what a load of fun. Thanks Andy Carruthers for the pictures (www.saltimages.com.au)
Favourite place to kite

Pro surfer Andre helps to land kites in gusty 30 knot winds!