Thursday, January 26, 2012

Шри-Ланка. Отчёт Ивана Пучкова - Our first Russian Post

Увидев хороший ветропрогноз на Шри-ланке, я выложил его на facebook, а друзья попросили сделать отчет о запланированной поездке. Что же, билеты и снарежение на руках и я решил проведать эти места в декабре-январе.
Самолет приземлился околя десяти утра и едва миновав двери аэропорта, я оказался в тридцатиградусной жаре. Тут и там мелькают люди с зачехленными серф-досками, торопящиеся скорее добраться до океана. Ближайшие кайт-споты находятся в Коломбо и в соседнем городе Негомбо. На городских пляжах можно увидеть парафойлы и пилотажки, однако в это время года ветер здесь бывает не часто, поэтому некоторые туристы выбираются на более отдаленные споты острова под прогноз, живя в Негомбо. Жизнь этого городка проходит на пляже и центральной улице, насыщенной разными лавками и ресторанами.
Первым делом я решил посетить спот Капалади (Kapalady, на windguru Kalpitiya), находящийся в 160 км к северу от Коломбо. Деревушка расположена на океане, между лагунами, в которых то и дело рыбачит и барахтается местная ребятня. Вдоль лагун стоят домишки, развещены сети и белье. Повсюду буйствует растительность, люди живут здесь так же, как и сто лет назад.
Full article can be found here!
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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kitesurf Colombo - Exploring the city by Kite!

If you have had enough of kiting in desserted beaches, amongst the coconut trees and jungle beaches where elephants roam, you could consider exploring the beaches of Colombo! Launch in Mount Lavinia and just roam either past the Mount Lavinia hotel or go upwind playing on the waves on the reef until Bambalapitiya.

Dil & Clive who was one of the first people to
attempt kiting in Mount Lavinia

Not quite sure if you can go further than that as its a high security zone. Perhaps the next windy day, this will be attempted. Exploring Colombo's skyline by kite! I am sure the Colombo Harbour might have some sick flat was conditions as well!
Wanna try kiting in Sri Lanka? visit

Mount Lavinia to Bambalapitya 6 KM approx

Easy to launch

Kinross Beach has this wreck.
Try kiting between the wreck but dont get cut to the
rusted hull of the ship!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

KTA in Sri Lanka - we are going to try hard for it!

The Kiteboard Tour Asia is one of the largest Asian Kiteboarding circuits. Its also loads of fun. The competition can be stiff but its all done with a good spirit. Kitesurfers looking out for fellow Kitesurfers, having fun, giving tips - its amazing.

2012 might see Sri Lanka as one of the stops for this epic event. We need to find a Corporate Sponsor. Sri Lanka still does not know the potential of the sport. It can be bigger than the Surfing!

Interested in getting involved? E mail us -

Will Sri Lanka be the next Mecca of Kitesurfing?

History in the making?
The kiting mafia discuss plans in Sri Lanka
Willy Kerr, Stephen Hertif from the KTA along with
Dilsiri Welikala & Mischi Walter from Kitesurfing Sri Lanka

Monday, January 9, 2012

Boracay Updates - Sri Lanka's first International Kitesurf Experience

Part 1
The impetus for this wild idea to compete was brought about by Anny Barlow of the KTA (Kite Tour Asia) during her visit to Sri Lanka in 2011. The KTA is asia's largest kiting event and is bound to see a lot of competitors world over. Boracay itself is well known for kiting. Sadly, however the native people of this island have been displaced and are seen on the roads begging for a living. This is the sad side of development and tourism. Pray that this would not be the case in Sri Lanka. Tourism and development must be sustainable and all communities benefited.
Tons of known faces, my own teacher - Mischi, there's also Stephen from KTA, Stefan from my episodes in Hua Hin, Willy and Dorothy, Nicolos and tons more familiar faces. All been blown away by the wind, ok, expect for Willy who is injured thanks to the Kappalady Lagoon back home!
The first thing one would experience, coming from a kiting destination like Sri Lanka, are the amount of kiters! 100 or so for sure. The next thing is the small beach for launching, I didnt even know people can teach in conditions like that, Ha! Next windy day, kitesurfing lessons in Colombo & Mount Lavinia guys!
The location is however really nice. The water is cystal blue, flat and jump the reef and you have great waves to play on - something what we Lankans love. Mischi and I also did a cool Island Hopping sessions which was really nice. Thanks, Mischi. Dead tired today, 6 hours + of kiting and tomorrow I head back to the airport to collect my board that the airlines misplaced.
Something I love about Philippines - is their love for Pork! Mmmmm.
Will keep you posted.

Part 2

Man, its tiring living in Boracay! People love to party, like party till 5 AM! And then they go Kitesurfing/ teach Kitesurfing.

Have some cool room mates - Bobo Corniel (Dominican Republic); Asian Champ; Yo (Thailand).

Finally got my Kiteboard, phew.

Finally met Kathrine, ah she lives just behind where I am! Lol.

KTA Opening Night Party was cool. Lots of new faces, lots of people got to know about Sri Lanka. 2012 is the year for the place. The eventful day ended with Sukoy, Mischi and myself roaming to find some sweets - ice cream before heading back to our respective hotels.

Tomorrow, Registration Day!

Part 3

I love kite course racing. The best fun I had! The rush you get and the thrill of kiting in the midst of 60 kiters is crazy. I even had the full experience by getting caught into two crashes! Lol. End of the competition I was ranked 18th which I am very proud of! Not bad for a first time in competition.

A full update and pictures to follow soon.

Pictures from Facebook
With Champ Kathrin and Stefan

Rankings, Sri Lanka on the map

KTA awesome company!
Willy Kerr of the KTA stand dead centre!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Off season winds - January to March

The 'offseason' in on. For all those inquiring, yes we have winds this time of year (January to March) - 3 -4 days a week wind at around 15 knots average. We have also experienced winds on the South Coast of Sri Lanka. We presume that East Coast will be good as well.

If you need help, feel free to e mail - or
An ideal day could be; Dive/Snorkle/Surf/Stand Up Paddle Board in the morning. Relax. Kite until the sun goes down or Surf again!!!

Kalpitiya & the Deep South of Sri Lanka are nice!
Clear, mirror like conditions in the morning and then wind!