Monday, December 9, 2013

The Future of the Kitesurfing scene in Sri Lanka

I have been lucky enough to be Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka since inception. I have been blogging about it at first without giving out locations just to keep it a secret but as time went on, the secret was out - the Kitesurfing Scene is Sri Lanka will develop. 
The community is very close knit. We may have businesses but we all have one vision - to see Sri Lanka developed as a world class kiting destination. A place where spots are managed well - not crowded, safe and legal. 
We work with the local communities on a win win partnership. 
At the moment we have two key spots; Kappalady Lagoon which has room for two schools, Elements (Pvt) Limited & Kite Kuda Camp.
The Kalpitiya Lagoon which was discovered later on has room for four schools, Kitesurfing Lanka, De Silva's, Rascals and Sri Lanka Kite. 
There is no room for other schools to set up on these spots due to limited space. However it's not that there is no room for development in Sri Lanka for Kiting. We have another 150 KM of coastline North of Sri Lanka with same or even better conditions. The North, East and deep South of Sri Lanka is virtually undiscovered.
For those who want to develop something, we urge you to go north, east or south - you might find a gem of a place. Yes its not easy putting a place on the map. It was not easy for us as well - but no one has a short cut. However whatever you do, do the right thing: develop a place with sensitivity to local culture and traditions. This is not your home so respect those who were there. 
Sri Lanka will be a Kiting hotspot with a difference. It will be properly managed and developed. We will not let it be another Boracay or Vietnam. We want it to be a pleasant place with pleasant people. So far it is and we will ensure it develops like that. 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tandem Kitesurfing Sri Lanka!

Ok, we have been doing it for sometime now. But these guys took it to a new level. Back to the drawing boards.