Saturday, April 30, 2011

First time Land Boarding!

Land Boarding is a bit more extreme than kiteboarding because when you fall you really fall hard! Tried it out for the first in time in Sri Lanka on the Galle Face Green. Not many people today so the area was clear to launch, land (and crash) the kite.

Learning by doing;
1. Next time wear a helmet
2. Dont text message while driving (and what does this have to do with Land Boarding?)

Land Boarding has not been experimented much with in Sunny Sri Lanka. Wide Beaches and Barren Dessert Lands with Strong wind yet to be discovered for this sport. More infor about the Land Boarding discoveries to follow soon.

Pictures courtesy of Lisa

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Kitesurfing Lessons - 2011 Rates

All lessons are as per IKO recommendations. They range from Discovery Kiteboarder Programme (Level 1A - 1 E), Intermediate Kiteboarder Programme (Level 2F - 2I) and Independent Kiteboarder Programme (Level 3J to 3N). Instructors are IKO certified and adhere to all safety and teaching standards set out by the International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO).

Interested in lessons? Simply e mail or call on (+94) 773 686 235.

Faith Kiteboarding, 2011 Price List (International)


Faith Kiteboarding has two kites, The Essence and The Spirit. Also do Kite Bars, Harnesses and Bags!  Discounts on kites for lessons in Sri Lanka. Also big discounts on above pricing if purchase in Sunny Sri Lanka!
Contact: Dilsiri (+94-773686235)
(Quality Kitesurfing/ Kiteboarding Gear in Sri Lanka)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Faith Kiteboarding rips in Hua Hin, Thailand!

Its not quite paradise in Hua Hin. Kiters have to wear Jelly Pants, pretty gay for for the guys from the equator! But the thermal winds were nice, beach long and wide. Unfortunately wind in Koh Tao was much less and Diving at Sail Rock was done as an alternative sport!

Faith Essence and Spirit lay side by side


A bit crowded I must say

Watch out for the jellies!

Sail Rock where Trevali and Barracuda roam!

Kitegal with Faith's Spirit!

The Faith Spirit Kites are just awesome!

Auf Wiedersehen Moggie! AKA Mo

Mo has been in part and parcel of the Kiteboarding Community for about a year. From the very first time we met eating crabs to the last few weeks of his stay in Sri Lanka, Mo was very interested about the sport.

He came to Sri Lanka a non surfer and kiter but leaves a surfer (almost there Mo) and kitesurfer (almost there again Mo!) We wish him good wind and the very best in his future endeavours - Kitesurfing and otherwise...

Mo along with Kesh and Dil! Enjoy your Faith Kite!

Friday, April 8, 2011

A Whale of a Time!

What a great time we had with Rajesh who spearheads Raja and the Whales in Mirissa, Sri Lanka. He is very knowledgabel about the subject matter and certainly is very caring about the animals unlike most other tour operators.

Our day started at 7.00 AM with a cup of tea on the boat thereafter travelling for 1.5 hours to the main breeding ground of the whales. On the way Rajesh took time to explain to us the details pertaining to the whales and their location. Its was very interesting.

His boat is very large and pretty cool to travel on. I wont recommend anyone going on a smaller boat. Rajesh continued to stress the importance of maintaining a safe distance from the whales in order to refrain from disturbing their behaviour. To our dismay other tour operators just tried to scrambble nearer to the whales and scared them away. If you are on one of those 'irresponsible' boats please advice them to maintain a safe distance from the magnificient animal.

After about 6 whale sightings and 1000 dolphins we had breakfast on the boat. The boat reached the Mirissa Harbour around 1 PM. Next time you think about Whale Watching, just contact Rajesh (+94 - 77 695 3452) . You wont regret it. Visit