Monday, February 9, 2009

Thank God for Poya! Its Always Windy!

Must talk to the friends and find out why it happens, its always windy on Poya Days (Full Moon) and as usual when there's wind - we kite! Mount Lavinia was nice - Hiks apparently as well. Havent heard from the rest. Was able to try out a new addition to the quiver, the Faith 'Essence' (
The 14 Square Meter Faith Kite was seriously overpowered during the latter half of the evening in Mount Lavinia. The kite is pretty as well and had a Navy Dora navigate itself right to the shore to check this kitesurfer out. Hmm. Sat and Sun was not that windy, and what do kitesurfers do then? Well we surfed! Enjoy pics of fellow kitesurfer Julian Bowling in action. Hang Loose!