Thursday, May 19, 2011

Kitesurfing Arripu - Home of the Doric

Ok, dont mistake it for Parripu (Dhal). Arripu is found north of Puttalam. Its known for the Doric - the mansion of the first British Governor of Ceylon. There is also a very old Dutch Fort 1 KM north of the Doric. Sadly this historical monument is falling prey to neglect. Hopefully this kiting trip would give impetus to lobby for a restoration/ protection of this part of history. For more information click HERE.
About the Doric

First kiter?

Falling to the ocean.

Amazing view

Dutch Fort


Anonymous said...

that looks like a really cool kite spot! love the scenery and the vibe from the photos...

DilsiriW said...

Hey Momo (your not mo right?), yes it was an amazing spot. hopefully next time i go i will have more wind.


sbarrkum said...

I see you made it to Arripu. A little more background on the ruins at this site

One of these days I should take some kitesurf lessons. Last did some lessons in 2004 and never followed up. Intermediate Windsurfer, tho not windsurfed for about 3 years because all my sails have decayed after being left in the sun,

Anonymous said...

super! you should give me a buzz fellow waterman :) dilsrii 0773 686 235

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