Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kitesurf Colombo - Exploring the city by Kite!

If you have had enough of kiting in desserted beaches, amongst the coconut trees and jungle beaches where elephants roam, you could consider exploring the beaches of Colombo! Launch in Mount Lavinia and just roam either past the Mount Lavinia hotel or go upwind playing on the waves on the reef until Bambalapitiya.

Dil & Clive who was one of the first people to
attempt kiting in Mount Lavinia

Not quite sure if you can go further than that as its a high security zone. Perhaps the next windy day, this will be attempted. Exploring Colombo's skyline by kite! I am sure the Colombo Harbour might have some sick flat was conditions as well!
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Mount Lavinia to Bambalapitya 6 KM approx

Easy to launch

Kinross Beach has this wreck.
Try kiting between the wreck but dont get cut to the
rusted hull of the ship!

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