Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Life Skills for Kalpitiya - English for the Fisherfolk of Kalpitiya

KSL were blessed when we got an e mail from Jenni Blayney from Ireland inquired about an opportunity to teach English. This was exactly what we were looking for. A kiter who is a trained teacher who wanted to make a difference! 
Little did we know but Jenni was pretty darn enthusiastic about it. In Ireland she organized a Triathlon, Quiz nights and who knows what else to raise funds. Her first packages arrived in Sri Lanka two weeks ago. I prayed that we wont be hit with duty and we were stoked when no duty was charged for the items. 
The remainder of the packages have now arrived and all systems are GO for the transformation process. Last night was very special. We went for our first class for the fisherfolk turned Boatman for Kite Trips. Class was supposed to start at 6.30 PM. 7.00 PM and the first students trickled in. By 7.30 PM we had 20 persons. Full house. 
Colourful Jenni commenced the assessments. We are sure that its going to be an awesome 6 weeks of learning. 1 teacher from Ireland, 20 local fishermen who know little or no English. We will keep you posted on the developments! 
We you like to contribute to the cause, let us know. 


Anonymous said...

Hi there!

I have just read your lovely comments about my daughter! This is Lainey Blayney and today (23rd June) is Jennie's birthday!!

You've probably guessed that you have someone special in your school/ camp. - you are right!!

One day we hope to visit your lovely country.

dilsiriw said...

Hi Lainey!

Thanks for the reminder of her birthday :) Will post a picture in a few minutes that I took of her with her gifts.

Would love for you to visit Sri Lanka.

Will keep you updated.

Warm regards from Sri Lanka.